Seraphina Fiero

Unconventional and Unexpected Burlesque

Seraphina Fiero is "The Tyler Durden of Burlesque". She is smart, capable, and most importantly, free in all the ways most are not.
A chimera of hyper-feminine physicality, irreverent elegance, and pure ferocity. Seraphina continues to push the boundaries of burlesque performance art with a versatile skillset and creative style all her own.

She is a professional Burlesque Performer, Bellydancer, Fine Artist, Alternative Model, and Hellraiser. She is one half of IvaFiero Production bringing you Relentless entertainment since 2012. Seraphina's Mayhem is also 1/5 of the troupe known as Stripped Screw Burlesque: Seattle's Dangerous Dames. Raw and gritty, the Screws offer a modern take on Burlesque for audience members who prefer a lawless agenda.

While Seraphina has no specific style, she has a flair for the unconventional, unexpected, and dark. She is full of ecstasy and anarchy . . . . and never offers any apologies.

Seraphina is a full-time gun for hire; for theatrical productions, private parties, workshops and classes in both burlesque and bellydance. Email to inquire.


  • Tue 28 MAR

    Highbrow/Lowbrow: A Very Varied Variety Show- Natural Phenomena

    Highbrow/Lowbrow: A Very Varied Variety Show by Otterpup Productions celebrates all the powerful and dynamic ways we express ourselves and the natural world around us with some Awesome, Fun, Odd, Captivating ART! And what better way to celebrate natural phenomena than with PHENOMENAL artists?

    Doors at 7:00PM, Show at 7:30PM

    Tickets are $12 in advance, $18 at the door.

    March's AMAZING Cast includes:

    Senara Silver!
    Alexa Perplexa!
    Misty Montaigne!
    Seraphina Fiero!

    with host Apollo Vídra and featured regular cast members Avery Groenmann, Fosse Jack, and Panty Boss Maggie McMuffin!

    Come celebrate some phenomenal art with us!

    7:00 PM PDT, Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Substation 645 NW 45th St, Seattle, Washington 98107
  • Sat 29 APR

    Seven Deadly Sins 2017

    Get ready for the greatest show of sin the PNW has to offer. Back for the second year in a row with a brand new cast of characters, get ready for Seven Deadly Sins 2017!!!!!

    The Seven Deadly Sins (also known as the Cardnal vices) are considered the most vile of all human behaviors. They represent all that the biblical old testiment god found most repugant.

    We want to bring you the embodiment of these sins. We want you to experience all 7 of the cardnal vices and maybe a few other vices as well...

    Your cast this year will be as follows:

    The Devil(s) - Kinesics
    Sloth - Wisteria
    Greed - Mercury Divine
    Envy - Maysun Ryia and Savannah Demers
    Gluttony - Cherry Tart
    Pride - Kat Ross
    Wrath - Iva Handfull
    Lust - Seraphina Fiero
    God-Jacqueline Hyde

    Your Hostess for the evening will be the delicious Countess Vibratia.

    VIP seating will be available for this show which will include a VIP gift bag and front row seating for this incredible show!

    $45 VIP Seating
    $25 General Admission

    7:00 PM PDT, Saturday, April 29, 2017 Re-bar Seattle 1114 Howell St, Seattle, Washington 98101

What do audience members and fellow performers think about The Seraphina?

  • "'A creative force that brings inspiration, dedication and the feminine form's celebration."

  • "If the night was a woman it would be her."

  • "A surreal erotic heathen goddess on stage; a true delight to behold."

  • "One of the few individuals that can dominate, even in submissive gear."

  • "Dark, sexy, and imaginative onstage. Sweet, supportive, and thoughtful backstage."

    Tootsie Spangles
  • "Seraphina Fiero is a succubus. I cannot accept that what I saw her do on stage was just performing."

    Lilith Von Faumench
  • "She is the Tyler Durden of burlesque, a guerrilla terrorist on stage and a master of her craft. Seraphina Fiero owns any stage that she is on and revels in pushing boundaries."

    Ms. Violet DeVille
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